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2016-01-21 15:32:18
3 Things Most Realtors Won't Tell You

Your real estate agent is your partner in the home buying process, but unfortunately many agents are not as forthcoming with information as they should be. Here are three tidbits that most real estate agents are not going to share with their clients, even if they should.

  1. Your Real Dream House May Be Hiding

Most home buyers want to walk into a home and fall instantly in love with it and its move-in ready features. While this does happen, sometimes, it's a rare occurrence. Even the home that is perfect for a buyer may have quirks that have to be adjusted to make the home truly the buyer's dream.

In order to find your dream home, you are going to have to be able to look past outdated wallpaper and ugly furniture. These cosmetic issues are easy to fix, and just might be hiding a diamond in the rough. Remember, part of what makes a house a 'home' is the personal touches it has, so be willing to get your hands dirty and make those personal touches.

  1. Your Pricing Strategy Is All Wrong

If you have priced your home poorly, your agent knows it. Yet you may not have an agent who is willing to fight you on pricing. Agents have a couple of reasons for this oversight. First, pricing is your decision, not your real estate agent’s, and the agent knows this. Second, if the home is over-priced, the agent always has the chance of selling and making a bigger commission. If your home is sitting on the market without selling, consider asking if the pricing strategy is accurate if your agent is not suggesting a price change.

  1. Buy of the Long-Term

Most buyers end up staying in their homes longer than they thought when they bought them. Life happens, and with that life comes a lack of financial resources to fund a move. Your agent may not tell you this, but when you buy a home, consider it for the long-term. Your 'starter home' may end up being the home where you live until your kids go off to college, so make sure you consider all of the potential needs of a growing family. If the home will not meet your needs for more than five years, consider a different option.

If you are looking for a real estate team that will give you honest answers and provide you with all of the details you need to make wise decisions, contact Cowdin Group. Cowdin Group is dedicated to offering Utah buyers and sellers accurate, timely education about the real estate buying and selling process.

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2016-01-21 15:32:18
3 Things Most Realtors Won't Tell You

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